To maintain High Academic Standards the Management takes care to provide competent and committed Lecturers for conducting classes efficiently as per OU Norms. The College functions under well experienced Principal , Vice-Principal & Administrative Officer efficiently.


Mr. Vinod Kumar

Ayesha Amtul Karim

Miss Ayesha Amtul Karim
(Bio – Science Lecturer)

Rumana Rahman - Psychology Lecturer

Mrs. Rumana Rahman
(Psychology Lecturer)

N.Srinivas - Lecturer

Mr. N Srinivas
(Social Lecturer)

T.Bhanu Priya - Mathematics Lecturer

Mrs. T. Bhanu Priya
(Mathematics Lecturer)

T Kala Rani - English Lecturer

Mrs. T.  Kala Rani
(English Lecturer)

V Prasen - Physical Science Lecturer

Mr. V Prasen
(Physical Science Lecturer)

MD Shaheda Begum - Telugu Lecturer

Mrs. Md.  Shaheda Begum
(Telugu Lecturer)

Ramesh Kumar Mandula - Social Lecturer

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Mandula
(Social Lecturer)

Kola Rajesh - Psychology Lecture

Mr. Kola Rajesh
(Psychology Lecture)

P Geetha Rani - Telugu Lecturer

Mrs. P. Geetha Rani
(Telugu Lecturer)

Suresh Babu Chennu - Maths Lecturer

Mr. Suresh Babu Chennu
(Maths Lecturer)

Sateesh Sureddi - Philosophy Lecturer

Mr. Sateesh Sureddi
(Philosophy Lecturer)

MD Imran - Physcial Edu Lecturer

Mr. Md. Imran
(Physcial Edu Lecturer)

Jakka Buchaiah - Folk Arts Lecturer

Mr. Jakka Buchaiah
(Folk Arts Lecturer)